asia pacific impro 2

19–25 October, 2015

© David Lim

Workshop C

Listening through Contact
by Eng Kai Er
(25 Oct, 10:30–12:50)

This contact improvisation workshop is about developing our ability to listen to our dancing partners through various exercises. We will work with a dedication to keeping an awareness of the point of contact we share with our partner. By being dedicated to maintaining contact instead of allowing contact to be easily lost, we will be encouraged to dance with more sensitivity to our partner's body and more awareness of what is going on in the dance. In my previous experience, by being dedicated to the point(s) of contact, the speed of the dancing also slows down. This workshop material is derived from my wish to develop sensitivity or listening, as something fundamental, before taking on the possibility of adrenaline-filled, fast-moving dances!

Kai's workshop is open to adults of all ages and backgrounds (no previous dance experience is required).

Fee per workshop
If paid by 21 Oct: RM40 (RM25 for MyDance members)
If paid after 21 Oct: RM60 (RM35 for MyDance members)

20% off if you register for 2 workshops
30% off if you register for 3 workshops
40% off if you register for 4 workshops

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