asia pacific impro 2

19–25 October, 2015

© David Lim

Workshop B

Group Compositional Dynamics
by David Lim
(24 Oct, 14:20–16:40)

Inspired by studies in Ensemble Thinking with Lower Left, David's workshop delves into some of the basic elements of group composition and group awareness. We will practice listening within doing in order to explore the relationship between the group and the individual. To find a balance between clarity and chaos, awareness and instigation of uniformity and contrast in spatiotemporal terms shall also be investigated.

David's workshop is open to adults of all ages and backgrounds (no previous dance experience is required).

Fee per workshop
If paid by 21 Oct: RM40 (RM25 for MyDance members)
If paid after 21 Oct: RM60 (RM35 for MyDance members)

20% off if you register for 2 workshops
30% off if you register for 3 workshops
40% off if you register for 4 workshops

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