asia pacific impro 2

19–25 October, 2015

Minori Nagai

Minori Nagai works as a dancer and dance teacher in Tokyo. She explores and generates dances that have a natural flow with the body structure and its relationship to the gravity, as well as a personal thoughts and images.

Minori started classical ballet training when she was six and has a Bachelor of Arts in Dance Studies from Middlesex University, London. After moving back to Japan, she joined Away At Performing Arts (AAPA) in 2007 and has performed not only in a theatres but also in outdoor spaces. With AAPA, she has collaborated with different genres of artists such as musicians, actors, fine artists and jugglers.

Minori is a member of Contact Improvisation Nihon Network, which has been organizing the annual Tokyo Contact Impro Festival since 2008. She teaches regular release, contemporary dance and contact improvisation classes at the Hinodemachi Danchi Studio (founded by AAPA in 2013), as well as teaches workshops and classes for young dancers at different studios and schools around Tokyo.

Hinodemachi Danchi Studio

Contact Improvisation Nihon Network

Away At Performing Arts