asia pacific impro 2

19–25 October, 2015

Frequently Asked Questions

What is API2?

API2 is the second iteration of Asia Pacific Impro!. Possibly the first program of its kind in South East Asia, Asia Pacific Impro was envisioned as a platform for selected dance and music improvisers based in the Asia Pacific region to conduct research on improvisation as an art form and to exchange ideas in a mutually supportive environment.

What happens in API?

Labs make up a bulk of API. Unlike workshops, where the facilitator's role is to teach, labs are meant to facilitate a horizontal exchange of knowledge. The artists, as lab facilitators, are expected to contribute by setting timeframes, topics or ideas to be researched, and structures for the research to take place. Each lab is expected to culminate in discoveries being shared with one another.

Some of the dancers will also be conducting workshops for the local dance community and the larger public to attend. Towards the end of the program, an informal showing will serve as a culmination of the artists' research and collaboration.