asia pacific impro 2

19–25 October, 2015

About Asia Pacific Impro!

Ever wondered what happens when a dance or music performance is created on the spot right in front of you? And what happens when you gather some of the most promising dance and music improvisers from the Asia Pacific region to exchange ideas and to perform together? Enter Asia Pacific Impro 2, a meeting point for exciting research and inspiring workshops!

Dance improvisation as a performance genre has been encouraging strides made recently in the South East Asian region. In Kuala Lumpur, with the annual Contact Festival KL, the first API, Toccata Studio's Music=Dance series and the Serious Play Improv Lab in FINDARS, dance improvisation is starting to develop a greater exposure for itself.

However, what is also needed is a forum for emerging dance and music improvisers from the Asia Pacific region to meet and collaborate. API2 therefore provides a space for like-minded artists to discuss, to collaborate, and to exchange ideas with one another.

API2 aims to give the public a chance to experience and to appreciate improvisation as a serious art form. It also serves as a meeting point for artists to challenge and to inspire one another to greater heights of creativity in hopes that they will bring back newfound knowledge to their respective countries. This will help foster the growth of communities of improvisatory artists with better tools for engagement with broader society.